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Bio: Br. Tenzin (Dr. Alex Anderson)

Tenzin Alex Anderson began his path toward Deep Ecology with a doctorate researching the impacts of Climate Change on rainforest biodiversity. Inspired by teachers such as the late Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh, and seeking a more fundamental basis for understanding and connecting to both the human and the natural world, in 2017 he ordained as a monk in the Buddhist tradition. He has since studied and practiced In the Tibetan Sakya tradition, Vietnamese Zen tradition of Plum Village, the Burmese Forest tradition, and holds a Hatha Yoga teaching qualification.

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Tenzin is fascinated by the complementarity of the Theravadin, Zen, Vajrayana and Hatha Yoga approaches to cultivation of the spiritual path. Inspired by his main teacher Bhante Dhammadipa he has traveled widely for study, pilgrimage and retreat, including periods in Nepal, Myanmar, India, Tibet, Thailand and Vietnam. Currently based on the Dorrigo Plateau in the mid-north of NSW, nurturing through the Gaia Forest Project the aspiration to build mindful community for the practice of meditation, yoga and Deep Ecology, especially through yatra, (group walking meditation in wild places) as a modality for exploring healthy individuation and connection with the planet in this time of ecological crisis.

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