Ecosophy is… an “identification so deep that one’s own self is no longer adequately delimited by the personal ego or the organism. One experiences oneself to be a genuine part of all life.” -Arne Naess

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This page is intended to hold content relating to philosophy underpinning the Deep Ecology movement, and especially to Ecosophy or Eco-philosophy, the later term coined by Arne Naess to describe the same.

We aim to provide background information on the foundational thinkers at the root of the Deep Ecology movement, and some of their key influences. For an overview and some history of the Deep Ecology movement, please visit:

Deep Ecology: an Eco-philosophy

The term Deep Ecology was coined by the Norwegian Philosopher Arne Naess in a 1973 article, in which he called for a environmental movement aimed at healing the perceived separation between humans and nature which he saw as the root cause of our ecological crisis. He later used the term Ecosophy or Ecophilosophy for the philosophical underpinnings of this movement, to differentiate between that and the Deep Ecology group therapeutic practices themselves.

A useful article examining some of the history and background of the movement, as well as some criticisms it has received over the years can be found here:

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