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Article: Self-Realization Beyond the Human: Arne Næss and Norwegian Deep Ecology

As if this simplicity and inaccessibility were not enough, Næss built, with his own hands, a three-by-three-meter refuge some 200 meters higher up on the crags of the Hallingskarvet massif, which he dubbed “Skarveredet” (roughly meaning “a nest” in a mountain “notch”). By his own admission, this bivouac-like sanctuary gave him “‘the feeling[s] of being on the very brink of the abyss’ and ‘of a raven perched on the cliff for long periods’”

The excellent article below gives an both an overview of the “ecosophy” or Arne Naess and insights into the Norwegian cultural underpinnings of his lifelong exploration of the challenge we face as humans in a changing world.