New Dimensions Radio: A Deep Ecology Of The Heart with John Seed

John Seed travels the world in service to the earth. As a founding father of the Deep Ecology movement, he’s noticed that “we speak of ‘the environment,’ which makes it sound as though this is something that’s far away from us. But if we hold our breath for a few minutes while we consider the matter, we quickly realize that ‘the environment’ is constantly cycling through us through the air we breathe, through the water we drink, through the food we eat.” And he knows how to help us remember that. In poetry, song, and conversation John Seed will take your spirit to a place where it remembers the rise and fall of the rhythms of the earth. He’ll create a space for you to explore your feelings about the devastation of our planet, and your sacred, primordial connection with her living systems. He speaks of an ancient spirituality that is rooted in the earth, and points with hope to the ways it emerges in contemporary faith traditions all over the world. With the lyricism of a bard, the wisdom of a shaman, and the heartfelt experience of a lifelong activist, John Seed reminds us that it is in opening our hearts and reclaiming our spirituality that we reclaim our relationship to the earth. (hosted by Michael Toms)