Deep Ecology Online Week 3: Honouring our Pain for the World

To prepare for Session 3 – Honouring Our Pain, please enjoy the 50min video, home tasks and guided meditations below. This video as been prepared by members of the facilitation team, Inna, Tenzin, and Eshana.

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Video Presentation

Home Tasks:

  • Email 1 or 2 images (.jpg format) to Inna ( of something that for you gives rise to the experience of “pain for our world”. Please send this by October 3rd.
  • Identify and bring along an object which helps you to feel grounded and connected to the Earth.
  • Find the following four objects to assist you in creating your own personal “Truth Mandala” for the session: A STONE that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, a STICK sturdy enough to grasp, A dry leaf or DRY LEAVES, and an EMPTY BOWL.

Guided Meditations:

Please practice the following short guided meditations before the session (about 20 and 25 mins respectively)

Pre-session Reading:

‘Coming Back to Life’ by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown. Please find recommended reading of p.19-31 from “Coming Back to Life” HERE:

Additional Resources:

Zoom Meeting Link

Please visit the following page to access the zoom link for joining the live session. We will be using the same zoom link each week. Please remember to arrive five minutes or so before and be settled and ready to begin on time.

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