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  • Deep Ecology Online Week 2: Gratitude and Praise

    Deep Ecology Online Week 2: Gratitude and Praise

    “Praise beloveds, let us disappear into praising. Nothing belongs to us” -Rilke To prepare for Session 2 – Gratitude and Praise, please enjoy the 35min video, home tasks and guided meditations below. Video Presentation This video presentation is brought to you by facilitation team members Skye Indira and Miraz. This week we are moving […]

  • Zoom Link

    Please use the following link to access the zoom meeting each week of the Deep Ecology Online Course:

  • Book: “Zen and The Art of Saving The Planet” – Thich Nhat Hanh

    Book: “Zen and The Art of Saving The Planet” – Thich Nhat Hanh

    A recent posthumous release from the not-for profit publisher Parralax Press: “Zen and The Art of Saving The Planet“. This book is a gem, filled with Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful meditations, inspiring stories and experiences from his own life of activism and engagement. It is compiled from talks and teachings given by Thich Nhat Hanh […]

  • Interview: John Seed at Rebel Herbal Conference-

    “Deep ecology is a key to the change we need. To deep ecology, underlying all the symptoms of the environmental crisis lies a psychological or spiritual root – the illusion of separation from the rest of the natural world which stems from anthropocentrism or human-centeredness. Conditioned since the Old Testament to “subdue and dominate” nature, […]

  • Interview: JOHN SEED on Deep Ecological Identity

    An interview with John Seed on the For The Wild Podcast What could our reality look like if we had not grown up in a society so deeply committed to an anthropocentric understanding of cosmos and planet? What would it mean to no longer identify as “the spider in the center, but as a […]

  • Finke River Yatra 2022

    Finke River Yatra 2022

    Finke Gorge National Park, Northern TerritorySaturday 9 – Tuesday 19 July with Jess Huon & Ronny Hickel We will again walk the incredible route in Finke Gorge National Park, in the heart of Australia. Our route will start at the renowned oasis of ‘Palm Valley’ leading through the Finke River NP to the remote ‘Running Waters’ waterhole following one of the oldest […]

  • MenAware Nature Retreat 2022

    MenAware Nature Retreat 2022

    Bald Rock National Park, Northern NSWWednesday 11 – Sunday 15 May with Ken Golding & Ronny Hickel The annual MenAware Nature Retreat will take us to the awesome  boulders of Bald Rock National Park. Set in the rugged granite country north of Tenterfield, it exhibits an extraordinary display of wildflowers and birdlife. Our apologies, but this event is BOOKED OUT

  • Interview: An introduction to Deep Ecology, With Michael Zimmerman,

    From the Context Institute A philosophy is, among other things, a system of thought that governs conduct. But in the original Greek it meant “love of wisdom” – and we need all the wisdom we can get to face the implications of global climate change. Several new philosophies have developed in response to the […]

  • Resource: The Trumpeter The Trumpeter is an environmental humanities journal dedicated to the development of an ecosophy, or wisdom born of ecological understanding and insight. As such, it serves the deep ecology movement’s commitment to critically explore and analyze environmental concerns in light of ecological developments at every relevant level: metaphysics, science, history, politics. Gaining a deeper […]

  • Article: The Deep Ecology Movement: Origins, Development, and FutureProspects (Toward a Transpersonal Ecosophy) “The deep ecology movement, which began with Arne Naess’ introduction of the term in 1972, is compared with other movements for social responsibility that developed in the 20th century. The paper discusses Naess’ cross-cultural approach to characterizing grass-roots movements via platform principles that can be supported from a diversity of cultures, worldviews, and personal […]