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    Embodied practice: Breathing Through

    The recording below consists of an introduction to the practice of “Breathing Through”, a variation on the popular Buddhist practices of compassion meditation or “Tonglen” offered by Joanna Macy among the practices for “Honouring our Pain for the World”. This practice is a foundational practice in the Boddhisattva path, and a cornerstone of the Work […]

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    Embodied practice: Basic Breath Awareness

    The following recording follows on from a previous offering which introduced basic postural awareness, helpful in sitting meditation. This practice expands on the base of embodied practice introduced there, bringing in mindfulness of breathing. We draw on the Sutra on Full Awareness of Breathing, or Anapanasati Sutta (Mn118). As the name implies these instructions take […]

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    Embodied Practice: Introduction to Sitting

    The following recording is an introduction to the embodied practice of sitting meditation, preliminary to a practice of Mindfulness of Breathing. These instructions draw on the Buddhist and Yoga traditions of meditation with the breath as an object. They are beneficial in the cultivation of a body and mind which is calm, at ease and […]

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    Embodied Practice: Introduction to Mindful Walking

    The recording below is a brief introduction to the embodied practice of Mindful Walking, drawing on insights and instructions from the Buddhist tradition. This practice can form a key part of our daily practices for resources and nourishing, equipping us with the presence and stability to work engage wholeheartedly with our lives, relationships, and experiences, […]

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    Gandhi, Non-Violence & the Rainforest Movement

    From the Rainforest Information Centre Archives: Letter to John Seed 7.9.99 Dear Friend, Would it be possible to write 50 – 100 words on the influence of M K Gandhi on the environmental movement in the rainbow region? We have been invited to participate in an expo on Gandhi (details in the Media Release […]

  • Vimala Thakar
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    Vimala Thakar Vimala Thakar (1921-2009) a philosopher, social activist and mystic, and woman before her time who overturned the norms of Indian Spiritual and Political life in the mid-20th century, treading a path of profound reflection and awakening, combined with tireless activism for social justice. In his essay, “Buddha Touched the Earth“, John Seed writes: One […]

  • The role of hope in the Truth Mandala
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    The role of hope in the Truth Mandala

    In the truth mandala process, it is common for participants to observe that while there is a quadrant for Doubt, Fear, Anger and Sadness, there does not seem to be a place for Hope in the mandala. Is is however important to understand that this type of process is precious in that it is a […]

  • Video: Save The Cardamom Rainforest

    Video: Save The Cardamom Rainforest

    Produced bythe Rainforest Information Centre ©2014 The story of a movement by Buddhist monks in Cambodia & South-East Asia to save forests by blessing them thus making them sacred & protected.

  • Spirit of The Earth

    Spirit of The Earth

    If we enter the rainforest and allow our energies to merge with the energies we find there, I found, a most profound change in consciousness takes place. We realize that our psyche is itself a part of the rainforests. I am protecting the rain forest becomes I am part of the rainforest protecting myself. I […]

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    Buddha touched the earth

    An Exploration of Engaged BuddhismBy John Seed (See below for an embedded pdf version with illustrations) Buddha Touched the Earth is the title of a new workshop facilitated by William James, Lisa Siegel and I that was first held at North Farm near Bellingen in northern New South Wales, Australia Feb 7-10 2012. The workshop […]