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    Podcast: The mythos of Grief, Tears and Renewal on The Emerald

    A beautiful episode on the mythos of Grief, Tears and Renewal from Josh Schrei at The Emerald Podcast.

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    Embodied practice: Breathing Through

    The recording below consists of an introduction to the practice of “Breathing Through”, a variation on the popular Buddhist practices of compassion meditation or “Tonglen” offered by Joanna Macy among the practices for “Honouring our Pain for the World”. This practice is a foundational practice in the Boddhisattva path, and a cornerstone of the Work […]

  • The role of hope in the Truth Mandala
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    The role of hope in the Truth Mandala

    In the truth mandala process, it is common for participants to observe that while there is a quadrant for Doubt, Fear, Anger and Sadness, there does not seem to be a place for Hope in the mandala. Is is however important to understand that this type of process is precious in that it is a […]

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    Process Intro: The Mourning.

    The mourning is an exercise which needs to be introduced well, because it must be clear that it is worthwhile and safe to move deeply into our feelings of grief or anger at what is happening to the Earth. The person who introduces this process should be very comfortable with others expressing their true feelings, […]

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    Transcript 2: John Seed’s intro to the MOURNING.

    This process was derived from Joanna Macy’s Despair and Empowerment work and it’s development is instructive in the organic way that these processes evolve. In the early Councils our Mourning consisted of reading Joanna’s Bestiary or Chief Seattle’s Message and encouraging participants to feel and express the sorrow, rage and despair that naturally arises when […]