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    Podcast: The mythos of Grief, Tears and Renewal on The Emerald

    A beautiful episode on the mythos of Grief, Tears and Renewal from Josh Schrei at The Emerald Podcast.

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    Meditation: Remembering Cosmogenesis, “Our Life as Gaia”

    The recording below consists of a 45 minute guided meditation and visualisation exploring the story of cosmogenesis also known as “The Universe Story”, “The Great Story” and the “Epic of Evolution”. This version is a little more meditative than some versions, so it contain less in the way of specific dates for events and more […]

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    Embodied practice: Body Scan and Total Relaxation

    The following recording consist of a guided body scan and total relaxation. This practice builds on the embodied awareness and breath meditations introduced in previous sessions, cultivating a sensitivity to subtler sensation in the whole body. These practices are beneficial as a way to increase embodied awareness, the capacity to maintain that awareness over a […]

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    Embodied practice: Finding the Full Body Breath

    From our birth until our last moment of life, the breath is with us, a rhythmic connection between the inner and outer. While there is a basic function of the breath to provide oxygen to our cells and carry away carbon dioxide, the importance of “respiration” for our health and vitality goes way beyond simply […]

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    Embodied practice: Breathing Through

    The recording below consists of an introduction to the practice of “Breathing Through”, a variation on the popular Buddhist practices of compassion meditation or “Tonglen” offered by Joanna Macy among the practices for “Honouring our Pain for the World”. This practice is a foundational practice in the Boddhisattva path, and a cornerstone of the Work […]

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    Embodied practice: Basic Breath Awareness

    The following recording follows on from a previous offering which introduced basic postural awareness, helpful in sitting meditation. This practice expands on the base of embodied practice introduced there, bringing in mindfulness of breathing. We draw on the Sutra on Full Awareness of Breathing, or Anapanasati Sutta (Mn118). As the name implies these instructions take […]

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    Embodied Practice: Introduction to Sitting

    The following recording is an introduction to the embodied practice of sitting meditation, preliminary to a practice of Mindfulness of Breathing. These instructions draw on the Buddhist and Yoga traditions of meditation with the breath as an object. They are beneficial in the cultivation of a body and mind which is calm, at ease and […]

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    Philosophy in the Mountains: ABC radio show about Arne Naess and interview John Seed.—arne-naess/3176186 “Arne Næss, who died in January just a couple of weeks short of his ninety-seventh birthday, was a great mountaineer and part of the history of twentieth-century philosophy. He started out as a member of the great philosophical school the Vienna Circle but was better known as the founder of the movement known as […]